Praverb The Wyse - The Gospel Is Free

Everyone and their mother has a friggin mixtape. (I heard a couple mom's that were actually pretty tight. I must admit, pretty tight). Praverb The Wyse releases 15 scriptures from his book of life over a few industry beats as well as original production. This is gospel rap without furious fire and brimstone exclamations or overtly self righteous finger pointing. His voice is pretty human, very easy to listen to. There's a charm that most rappers don't have you can hear shining through on, 'Loving Morning'. Its obvious that this young man has a fair amount of skill, 'The Gospel is free' serves as a nice introduction to this emcee that surely loves this Hiphop thing.

You can check it out for yourself here.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to checking out this project. Gospel rap are taking over! They're everywhere!
Most of the Hip Hop lovers I know personally are so tired of the one sided, I'm a gangsta trapstar, cuss you out flava. You know it actually feels good to hear meaniful music that's clean and not preachy!
Thanks for the insight!
FLO/Platinum Souls