The Sixty One: A Music Adventure

The other day Sumkid sends me this link. A dope idea that kinda mixes indie music site promo with a web 2.0 Digg model. This is pretty high up on the, 'I wish I would've thought of that' scale. 'The Sixty One' is a cool tool for discovering new music from a growing list of independent artists. It's a simple concept. If you like something you 'bump' it. As an artist the more times you're bumped, the more likely you are to gain new fans and solidify a slot at the top of your genres queue. You can sign up as a listener and create your own play list station with feed to communicate with your subscribers. Or you can create an artist account and try your hand at 'innanet' fame by cleverly promoting with tenacity to an audience that is actually interested in hearing something new and different.

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shyam monk said...

I have found sixty one to be an useful tool too. At first i did not really know how this is going to work or if it will 'work enough'. Then slowly i started seeing the hearts and a few comments. For me though, it is still a black box and don't know who is hearting or commenting, just that the number seems rising and there are a few twitter mentions from sixty one... It is different and good.