The Under Dog’s Manifesto: A Guerilla Artist’s Path To Independence

Part small business basics manual, part biographical text, ‘The Under Dog’s Manifesto: A Guerilla Artist’s Path To Independence’(Published by Coffee Grind Media) provides a wealth of information to the aspiring artistprenuer or ‘anyone who’s ever felt like an underdog’ as its dedication exclaims. Very impressive is this compilation of true life experience not only from Creature its creator but also a number of successful artists in their own right that contribute real life insight, substantiating the fact that it is indeed possible to not just survive off of your art but to thrive and live well because of it. This back pocket friendly package of pulp discusses topics ranging from making a brand, to being confident in self and realizing if your skin is actually tough enough to survive the initial struggle working independently. Ultimately, it will become easier with time, experience and a bit of fine tuning.


Sum and The Good Look said...

where can i get a copy?

Marco Crupi said...
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