Bekay – The Horror Flick LP

Bekay is one of those artists whose buzz has been nice for a few years now but we’ve yet to really see him break out of the “buzz” zone and into the “star” zone. On The Horror Flick LP he shows signs that he’s ready to make that leap. The album starts out with a number of braggadocios tracks, a few too many if you ask me. It’s obvious Bekay is a heck of a lyricist, but at times I wondered if this was going to turn out to be a case of Canibus Syndrome – all battle rhymes, no hook writing ability. The last two songs on the album, however, “Don’t Feel Good” and “Dead End,” prove that Bekay is not only capable of writing complete songs, but he is capable of crafting interesting ideas and making them work over a three to four minute format. If given the right opportunity Bekay could be a star. The Horror Flick LP starts to scratch the surface of this talented individual, making it worthy of your listening time.

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Kay W said...

This album is sick and I recomand this to anybody who loves real hip hop but i'm wonderin how long it will take for major labels to realise that and look past his skincolour or his eminem comparison.
they gotta stop comparing him with Em his flow and lyricism is much better.
matter of fact his writin skills are incomparable to anyone. But his time is runnin out but I hope than hunger, pains Lp that is coming out soon will bring a change in that. Bekay is tha future of hip hop and when they put this cat in the spotlight everybody will scream "eminem who"?.