Video: Gnarls Barkley - Who Cares

These days it isn't often you get but so excited about anything music related, unless you're lucky enough to have an extensive vinyl collection at your disposal. (Yes records rule!) Never mind, most videos plain ol suck. In the occasion that there is something worthy of your attention it ought to be noted, celebrated even. Who would have known the perfect role for lmnop movie actor/director Mario Van Peebles, would be that of a not so baaaad ass Blacula. ‘Who Cares’ out shines the ‘Crazy, Smiley Faces and Gone Daddy Gone’ set of Gnarls Barkley videos because it doesn’t take the easy route, it moves beyond obvious. Hands were definitely soiled. Blood Red Nights (the title of this short film/music video) is a three minute and thirty eight second masterwork that you will appreciate more and more every time you watch it.

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