Stop complaining about Bad Hip Hop on the Radio and in the News and Read this Guy’s Blog!

OK look… I used to complain about the crap that’s on the radio and how the media brings the worst out in Hip Hop. I have hereby decided to stop whining and look to resources other than the conventional media.

There’s a really dope blog that anyone who is starving for an unbiased, honest account of Hip Hop needs to be checking out. It’s called Adam's World. This cat (Adam Bernard) has put me on to some people who I would have never researched before and are now getting bumped in my player on the regular. Not to say that there are some people that I haven’t felt in his blog but they are very far and few between. But hey that’s my opinion, right? You’re not gonna like everyone but you’ve got to be exposed to people first right? Adam Bernard brings it to you raw with an artist of the week and lots of refreshing commentary on the underground as well as the mainstream stuff.

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jai said...

I agree 100%. there are far too many places out there for folks to still be complaining about Commercial Radio. Use the same energy to turn commercial radio off, get a cd, mp3 (legal), or anything else you can get your hands on and widen your world of HipHop. There are millions, I mean MILLIONS, of great artists out there waiting to be discovered!!!