Number Ones - UME

Is your music green? I don't mean new, novice, wet behind the ears or anything like that. I'm talking environmentally safe. Well the folks at UME are concerned about the planet equally as much as they care about releasing great music that's soul healthy. Now available in new eco-friendly packaging are a series of #1s compilations, by legendary artists Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Kool & The Gang, Conway Twitty, and Loretta Lynn. There are also great new #1s compilations like Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock and Classic Disco, which include hit songs from artists like Rod Stewart, Sum 41, Poison, Hole, and Irene Cara. (Makes me wanna purchase a copy of Sparkle on DVD and get reacquainted with miss Cara.) In this world of ever changing digital technology that allows one to literally download most any of their favorite tunes in seconds, there are still many folks that enjoy a tangible hard copy. A cd collection in display should consist of your favorite titles fashioning their original packaging. A spindle with a dozen and a half cdrs scribbled on with a Sharpie is awful and lame.

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