Death Note - TV Series

From Manga to Anime to two full length feature films and a third on the way dedicated to one of its main characters, the Death Note series has become a phenomenon in Japan and the folks from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim want to make sure a new audience in North America knows this as well. Tired and bored of the day to day occurrences in the shinigami world, Ryuk a shinigami(god of death) decides he’ll have a little bit of fun by dropping his 'Death Note' in the human world. The action soon begins once Light Yagami, a certified young super genius, discovers it on the campus of his highschool. Plainly put, the holder of this book is capable of ending the life of his/her victim by thinking of them and writing down their name. It’s the science of visualization gone terribly wrong. As Light’s quest to rid the world of evil proceeds he gains the title Kira. The question remains will he become the god he strives to be and turn his dreaded world into a crime less utopia. For that answer you’ll just have to tune in.

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Nkonyezi said...

Awesome short rreview! Rock on!Rock on! :-)
I've learned more than i knw b4 today and out Death note.