Starbury - Cyclone II

Would a pair of kicks priced just under fifteen bucks revolutionize the sneaker market and bring the likes of corporate athletic wear empires to their knees? The masses suddenly realizing the ridiculousness of paying hundreds of dollars for imported assembly line moldings of rubber, vinyl and polyester. No, of course not. Even still, nothing beats an inexpensive pair of pretty slick looking running shoes. Enter the Cyclone II, one of the most aesthetically pleasing, from a rather wide range of Starbury designs. Available in four color combinations, (I personally favor the Dark Grey/Black/White persuasion) the Cyclone II is a mash up of low end Reebok Classic (a.k.a. Carl Lewis's) and New Balance Classic Retro Running shoe. Interestingly it settles right between its two competitors in terms of comfort and durability. The major issue with these shoes though is that they're exclusively sold at Steve & Barry's. New York has seventeen locations, but only one of those is in the city. If you reside in the insomniatic rotten apple and wear a popular size, good luck on finding a pair.

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