Preachermann - Negroes Stay Crunchy In Milk

To follow the path of one's elders in bloodline is generally the natural order of man. Preachermann is no different when it comes to this tradition as there are a number of ministers in his family, realizing this he chose to follow suit but in a very unorthodox way compared to those that came before him. To preach means to teach, something that this administer of soul does throughout his EP entitled 'Negroes Stay Crunchy In Milk'. With a voice that reminds you of Curtis Mayfield with a bit of Al Green during his chain rockin shirtless period, Preachermann channels the energy of many soul singers of the past but still his unique energy and life's experience shine through to reveal pieces of this man as he brings us to the present moment. Apparent in his interaction with audiences at live shows and even out in the jungle of concrete plateaus, you can see that its not all about him, its about the betterment of the hearts of his ever growing congregation, being anointed with the words and sounds he conjures and transmits for his heavenly guide.

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