The 100th Human by Chris Fenwick

Want to help yourself but avoid the hollowness of the typical self-help book? Turn off your internal editor, let go a little, and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying Chris Fenwick’s “The 100th Human.” The novel takes its title and premise on the scientific study and questioned phenomenon of the 100th Monkey effect, which determines that once a critical mass of awareness is reached, knowledge will spread mentally to all others. Despite its occasional weak phrasing and obvious monologues on positive thinking, it was a worthwhile pursuit. The author deftly controls the speed of the book, placing readers in the thick of the characters’ physical and spiritual quest for truth as they encounter impending danger. Buy it from Amazon and visit the author’s website for access to some freebies that will help you to continue to seek heightened awareness. “The 100th Human” novel puts your toe in the self-help sea, but it’s up to you to step in.


Michael Tobias said...


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Shantelle said...

Clarity.....I just got through reading The 100th Human myself and want to say kudos to you on your review. You are very accurate in your description of the book...and until reading your review it never occured to me to check out the author's website.....Thanks...peace and love