Carina Round – Slow Motion Addict

In a fair world Carina Round would be ruling the pop charts with Slow Motion Addict. We don’t live in a fair world, however, and the pop charts in America haven’t been very kind to foreign acts as of late, most of which become either one hit wonders (Lady Sovereign), or critically acclaimed artists who can’t seem to get airplay or sell records (The Streets). Hopefully Round will find a way around this predicament as Slow Motion Addict is one part The Killers and one part The Cardigans (think Gran Turismo Cardigans not “Lovefool” Cardigans). Round proves she can write, rock and even slow it down on Slow Motion Addict, making it one of the scarcest kinds of albums around, a complete Top 40 album. After a complete listen it’s clear Slow Motion Addict wasn’t made to sell singles on iTunes, it was made to be a great album, and that’s exactly what it is.

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