Whether you’re a would be lush, self proclaimed socialite or just too cheap to buy a round of drinks to impress your peers, take them out courtesy of info provided by The heavens have smiled on folks that enjoy ‘dippin in the sauce’ and getting their party on everyday of the week. Myopenbar provides weekly updates on free and nearly free booze offerings in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Soon to come to that list are Boston, DC and Seattle. Don’t assume that every event listed is devoid of class and culture, they run the gambit of not only your proverbial open bar with stumbling perves and sweaty broads, but also gallery openings, independent film screenings and artsy magazine release parties. The descriptions of each function are at times cynical, but mostly humorous. Stars aren’t used to rate each event, just tiny martini glasses. Sign up for Myopenbar’s boozeletter today and amaze your friends with how in the know you actually aren’t.

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