Can Joann - Hurt People Hurt People

I appreciate its introduction, as I close my eyes to recognize film credits appear on the miniature screens that are the back of my eyelids. This is definitely, the perfect opening instrumentation for a future indie film that will win countless awards and change the world as we know it, in ‘pay it forward’ fashion. Can Joann rocks, on ‘Hurt People Hurt People’ their album recorded in a farm house located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. With nine total tracks your equation works out as such; [a hint of head nod + smooth cool rocky blues, equals]. There are poetic pen etches and successful attempts made to address personal life issues that many of us face but don’t always acknowledge. There’s quite a bit of self analysis going on here. Subtle and overt remarks about society that display optimism and the belief of future progress ultimately exist as well. ‘Hurt People Hurt People’ is actually an inspiring story being told in song if you catch on to the plot early and pay attention throughout.

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