Dynamite Warrior

I’m a sucker for a good martial arts flick, so when Dynamite Warrior hit my desk I was psyched to block out a few hours to dedicate to it. Unfortunately my excitement was quickly squelched by a nonsensical plotline that attempted to mix a martial arts film with a bad sci-fi flick. Set in early 1900’s Thailand, the main character attacks cattle rustlers with rockets, ends up falling for a girl, has to fight someone who’s been blessed with superhuman power from a demon, and must get the menstrual blood of a virgin, who happens to be his love interest, to break the spell. Sound ridiculous? It is. Martial arts movies should stick with the martial arts and leave the cheesy sci-fi stuff for the cheesy sci-fi movies. As Dynamite Warrior proves, the two don’t mix well at all.

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MC said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I probably would have wanted to see it as well.