Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty, the not quite sequel to Bruce Almighty stars God himself, Morgan Freeman, and one of his funniest straight men, Steve Carell. In this rendering, God touches a vain mortal in a life changing way but, give or take a pop-culture reference, the similarities end here. Release your notions of Jim Carrey’s Bruce and let Steve as Noah, uh Evan, tickle your senses with his personal brand of physical humor. Ok, it isn’t what some expected, but should the Almighty’s sequel be predictable? I think not. The world was long overdue for a light family comedy that doesn’t require us to explain to the kids the thinly veiled violence and sexual innuendo; we get enough of that from commercials and cartoons, green CGI monsters included. Thanks Almighty and the Almighty’s crew for another winner, even though the hipsters weren’t pleased that you didn’t really doom us all.

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