Flight of the Conchords on HBO

For years HBO has been searching for a suitable half hour program to follow their standout program Entourage. Two years ago there was The Comeback, which was fantastic at times, but could also make the viewer feel very very awkward. Last year’s attempt was Luckie Louie, which was ambitious, but oftentimes depressing. With this year’s Flight of the Conchords, however, HBO has finally found the perfect show to follow Vinnie Chase and his boys. Flight of the Conchords follows two very funny musicians from New Zealand who have one fan, who is a borderline stalker, very few gigs, and who, at times, randomly break out into song about whatever situation they’re in. It’s almost as if Weird Al had a British sense of humor and his own TV show. Flight of the Conchords is downright hilarious and will hopefully be around for quite a while. Make it a point to catch this show.

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