Homeboy Sandman – Nourishment

It’s rare in any form of music for someone to come along with something new and unique. As the old saying goes, it’s all been done before. On Nourishment Homeboy Sandman proves himself to be one of the few exceptions to that rule. From the almost vaudevillian “Knock ‘Em Out” with it’s crazy piano laced hook, to the hand clap beat of “VerbalSoulClapMania,” Homeboy Sandman pushes the boundaries of rap music and, during a time when many people feel Hip-Hop has become stale, has found a way to come with something fresh. His rapid fire flow is surprisingly easy to understand and he arms it with plenty of knowledge to share. All this adds up to Nourishment being a potential year end Top Ten album.

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Zvi said...

Sandman is one of the best live performers I have ever seen and this is a sweet album. He can rap as fast as almost anyone out there and his lyrics are far more clever than I have heard on the radio in a minute or two. 23SkiD

Anonymous said...

Homeboy Sandman is a skillful, creative MC who is definitely bringing something different from everyone else out there. His music is a breath of fresh air for those longing for something new. He's also a very humble, down to earth cat. Check him live too and you'll have to put a pillow under yourself cuz your jaw will hit the ground! LOL