QN5 – Asterisk 4

When I went to see Sideshow last month I picked up Asterisk 4, the latest compilation CD by QN5. First off, this CD is actually mixed, which is a nice change of pace from all the mix CDs that are just tracked. Second, there’s a lot of dope music on this album. I didn’t skip a single track while playing Asterisk 4 and when it got to the point where most CDs get boring and repetitive, which is at around the one hour mark, Tonedeff and Substantial came through with a truly amazing song titled “Punk (Megashow Mix)” that combines the best elements of Hip-Hop with the best elements of electronic music. The joint would fit in at any dance club in the world. Overall I was very pleased with Asterisk 4, and I’m not usually one to give props to 79 minute albums.

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