Cashis – The Country Hound EP

We’re often told not to judge a book by its cover. One can, however, oftentimes judge an album by its track listing. Chashis’ The Country Hound EP is one of those albums as it features song titles such as “That Nigga A Gangsta,” “Gun Rule,” and “Pistol Poppin.” The Shady Records artist racks up a huge body count for a seven song album and seems completely devoid of any positive thoughts whatsoever. At one point he says a line about police killing blacks, but it’s only after he himself has committed numerous black on black crimes in his music. Cashis will be positioned as the next 50 Cent, but he’s nowhere near him in terms of charisma or talent. After all the violence that’s happened in Eminem’s life over the past few years, most of which he mentions on his guest spot on “Pistol Poppin,” it’s truly a shame he’s pushing yet another artist who glorifies gun violence.

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