Chapped Hands Remedy

Guys, there is no reason to neglect your hands. Furthermore, there's absolutely nothing wrong with an occasional manicure (no clear polish!). While you contemplate, I have one suggestion for repairing those moisture deficient digits and that cuticle mess you call manly. C.O. Biglelow Apothecaries, a company established way back in 1838 has developed a lotion called, ‘Chapped Hands Remedy’ for the likes of you. Deemed, ‘The Ultimate Medicated Skin Protectant For All-Year Round Use’ by Bigelow, after personally sampling it at Bath & Body Works, I’d have to concur. At $14.00 for a 1.7 oz tube, the price is well worth it for transforming iguana textured skin into silky smooth (but still strong and masculine) hands that your lady of interest will appreciate and enjoy touching her special and equally silken, sensitive areas.

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