The Measure Of A Man by Sidney Poitier

‘The Measure Of A Man’ isn’t a self absorbed autobiography of an individual that’s accomplished much and chooses to assault us with his greatness. Sidney Poitier of course, is well aware of his contributions to the art of film, playing in a number of pieces with controversial topics that were far more then simply influential on life beyond the silver screen. Indeed, he’s modest to an extent. The most endearing segments of his story are the ones told about his early life as a child on ‘Cat Island’ in the Bahamas. A consistent theme in the book is how his training for survival as a youth on the island was revisited during various moments of significance throughout his seventy plus years. In my opinion the most important concept discussed is one of self analysis that ties directly into self responsibility along with the importance of family. Sidney Poitier covers so much to be considered in this ‘spiritual autobiography’. A great read written by an equally great man.

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I don't know how I missed this review.
I loved this book!