Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Game

Making electronic music that doesn’t fall out of the cookie cutter format is tough. When you deal with dance beats, eventually the noise becomes all too familiar. Thievery Corporation has a unique sound that leaves the listener in a relaxed rage. No, that’s not a typo. Their album, ‘The Cosmic Game’ is best served mid-evening, after a good smoke.

Prepare for socially conscious (yet not overbearing) lyrics like:
We are eternal, made of the creator/ Won’t fall to the soul-less devastators/Divide and conquer, try to separate us/ Up to this day, them still try to rape us
From Warning Shots

The paradox of poverty has left us dismayed/Sliding democracy, washing away/The toil of the many goes to the fortunate few/The revolution solution, oh I’ve come to join you
From Revolution Solution

I never thought politically correct could be so downright sexy……

Amerimacka…..Oh what a beautiful life/Amerimacka…..Is like licking honey off a knife
From Amerimacka

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