The Hip-Hop Project

The Hip-Hop Project is the latest in a long line of Hip-Hop documentaries. This one follows Chris “Kazi” Rolle in his quest to both work within the arts scene in New York City and point Hip-Hop in a more creative direction. Starting as a group of kids simply wanting to be involved in rap music, The Hip-Hop Project didn’t set out just to create a group, but rather took years to develop the artists involved and really make them complete MCs rather than one dimensional rappers. The film goes in depth with Kazi and two members of the group, Princess and Cannon, illustrating how everyone has their own struggles and no matter how unique those struggles may be, be they teen abortion (Princess), abandonment (Kazi), or the loss of a loved one and subsequent attempted eviction (Cannon), in the end they act as a common bond that unites us all. The growth these young artists go through in the film is impressive and shows that with a little bit of work, and a little bit of introspection, rap music can be just as strong as ever. Inspiring as a whole, The Hip-Hop Project is worth your time.

For more information check out: www.hiphopproject.com.

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