The Police: Message in a Box

The Police.

My favorite Rock 'n Roll band. Period. This box set contains everything they've ever recorded, includes a few B sides, and live performances. During a time when aggression ruled the UK airwaves (Sex Pistols etc etc ), The Police burst on the scene with a mixture of reggae and jazz influenced melodic pop. Their lyrics were honest, playful, and socially conscious. The song 'Driven To Tears' speaks to a growing selfish society that has to be informed when they should be outraged. As you listen through the CD's you will here the bands sound progress, mature, and reach it's peak with 'Synchronicity', which would be there last studio album. After 20 years out of the limelight, they're touring again. They wouldn't be able to sell out every show if they didn't have the goods to back it up. The Police may not be as readily recognizable as The Rolling Stones but their talent is on par (if not better in my opinion).

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