Dungen - Tio Bitar

Although I may require Pimsleur’s assistance (no need for channeling the dead, there are language tapes available) to decipher the lyrics of Swedish rocker Gustav Ejstes, I’ll gladly take the lessons. 'Tio Bitar', sounds like a crispy, vintage recording pulled from a time capsule buried deep beneath the soil, round nineteen sixty-something. I feel trippy-meadows, grass leaking dew suspiciously-suspect and I need a pair of the darkest shades ever made because that fireball in the sky is working overtime. I like the vibe, dig the frequencies throughout. Ten solid tracks and there’s no filler. Think I’ll skip Pim's method though and find a curvy, Swedish gal to help work the kinks outtah my lumbar region while 'En Gång I År Kom Det en Tår' plays just loud enough in the background from my refurbished Hi Fi.

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