Fishbone – Still Stuck In Your Throat

A lot of people like their ska with a bit of an edge and Fishbone has been fulfilling those people’s needs for nearly 30 years. This year they’re back with another collection of songs where partying is most definitely the M.O. The album even features one song, “Party With Saddam,” that implies if we could all just have a good time together there wouldn’t be any more conflicts in the world. It’s a bit of a utopian ideal, but it’s one that illustrates perfectly what the band is all about. The music on Still Stuck In Your Throat ranges from smooth, more reggae influenced, songs to ultra fast rock tunes. Fishbone doesn’t make the type of albums you’d put on as background music for your next cocktail party, they make the type of albums you crank up until the neighbors complain. Still Stuck In Your Throat is exactly in that vein.

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