Tales of Eternia - PSP Game

For those that have been wondering why Sony has not released any real quality role playing games (RPGs) for its Playstation Portable system (PSP), well look no further. Tales of Eternia is your answer. Unfortunately this game has not been released in the US, only in the UK and Japan. So you will have to get a copy on Ebay or by other means. Good thing that the PSP is region free, meaning that you can play any Universal Media Disc (UMD) from any country. What makes Tales of Eternia stand out amongst other RPGs is the style of fighting, called 'linear motion battle system'. This basically means that you can cast spells and fight in real time within a 2D side-scrolling environment, kind of like Street Fighter. This makes for exciting battles with various types of enemies as you progress throughout the game. One can end Tales of Eternia in under 50 hours, but if you want to get the full experience - I would say 90 plus hours... easy.

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