DJ Meddafore: Let ‘Em Know 8

Even though the compact disc is a technology that is universally hailed as better than its predecessor, the cassette tape, mixtape DJs, at least the creative types, can still find using CDs limiting as compared to their stop, rewind and fast-forward forefathers. Back in the cassette tape days Hip-Hop DJ’s created mixes where one side would be one form of music and the other side would be something completely different. For some it would be Dance / Hip-Hop, for others it would be Hip-Hop / R&B, whatever it was it’s infinitely harder to do it on a CD. Philly’s mixtape king, DJ Meddafore, has taken a crack at it, though, with Let ‘Em Know 8, which features 30 tracks, starting with 18 Hip-Hop and closing with 11 R&B. The Hip-Hop side featured Mistah F.A.B.’s instructional track that utilizes the classic Ghostbusters theme and teaches listeners how to ghost ride, while the R&B side features the J. Valentine standout “Church Girl.” Overall Meddafore does an admirable job of attempting to bring back some variety to the mixtape scene. Here’s hoping future Let ‘Em Know efforts also exhibit such musical diversity.

Let ‘Em Know 8 is available now at

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