Gothic Vampires From Hell

Everyone trying to get on the music industry has felt at some point in time that it was run by vampires. Of course, folks say this in a metaphorical sense, but in Gothic Vampires From Hell it becomes quite literal as we follow four musicians attempting to navigate their way from bar band to world success but are confronted with the calamity of having a record label run by actual vampires (and sexy vamps at that!). The production value of Gothic Vampires From Hell leaves much to be desired (and we’ll ignore the fact that the band somehow became signed to a label without signing a contract), BUT, that being said, the lack of a budget can create some fantastic drinking games (take a shot whenever you hear a witch’s cackle from the 50’s during a scene where a female vamp is getting her suck on, or whenever you see one of the pumps spilling blood out of a character, and you should have a nice buzz by the end of the 90 minutes). A large plus is that Gothic Vampires From Hell is backed by a killer soundtrack, so the combination of good tunes and slight cheese makes for a fun viewing experience.

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