Theory Hazit - Extra Credit

In the past year or so Hip-Hop Is Music has been at the forefront of releasing Hip-Hop albums that have a positive vibe. Theory Hazit in the next in line for the label and his album, Extra Credit, is yet another example of what an MC can do if he puts his mind to attempting to create a better society. Theory Hazit admits he’s made mistakes in his life, speaks openly about them, never attempting to make any excuses, only explaining how doing certain things hurt his ability to do what he really wanted in life. The album isn’t all doom and gloom, however, there are a lot of fun songs on Extra Credit, as well, making it a complete Hip-Hop album that one can listen to from start to finish without skipping a track, and since it’s on Hip-Hop Is Music you can rest assured knowing you can play it in front of kids. We need more artists like Theory Hazit and more labels like Hip-Hop Is Music.

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