Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2007

My ears are still ringing (I really should have remembered my earplugs!), but what a show it was on Saturday, May 19th. The 2007 edition of the annual Joey Ramone Birthday bash / lymphoma benefit featured a handful of rock icons, tons of old Ramones footage, and a lot of positive vibes. Slinky Vagabond, a band created by Keanan Duffty that’s comprised of him, Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols, Clem Burke from Blondie, and Earl Slick from David Bowie’s touring band, made their world debut and The New York Dolls headlined the evening with an hour long set. David Johansen and crew are fantastic live performers and it’s great to see a trailblazing band from the 70’s still creating great music all these years later. A New York Dolls show should be required viewing for any rock band, or musical artist from any genre for that matter. Overall it was a fantastic show and a fantastic night in support of a very worthy cause on what would have been Joey Ramone's 56th birthday.

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