The Love Kills Theory - Happy Suicide Jim

Remember when there was this funky little thing called alt-rock? The Love Kills Theory sure does and they’ve created an album, Happy Suicide Jim, that illustrates what can be done with alternative music when musicians get experimental with both their instrumentation and their songwriting. Happy Suicide Jim is a throwback to that small blip on the rock scene during the 90’s when the music was interesting and as a whole the album is a welcome addition to the current music scene. The impressive songwriting of Happy Suicide Jim is also featured in the liner notes with the inclusion of all the lyrics. The Love Kills Theory will definitely appeal to those who remember when listening to the radio meant hearing an impressive mix of music (so basically those folks who are 25 and up), but they’re also a worthwhile listen for anyone who might be interested in hearing what would have happened if a certain small sector of the 90’s music scene had been given the opportunity to fully mature.

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