Gil Scott-Heron – The Paris Concert

There’s not much new that can be said about the legendary Gil Scott-Heron. He’s an artist who hasn’t really received the accolades he probably deserves, but in the pantheon of music history there are few greater. With his Paris Concert DVD fans get a chance to see two hours of live footage from a show he performed at New Morning back in July of 2001. The date of the show is interesting being that songs such as “Work For Peace” and “There’s A War Going On” took on whole new meanings only a few short months later after the acts of 9/11. At only 13 songs in length one might wonder how Scott-Heron manages to create a two hour show, but he does so with aplomb. This is an example of a veteran in his element. That statement not only applies to Scott-Heron, but also his entire band, who gets plenty of time to jam with solos of their own. Sadly, Scott-Heron was sent to jail shortly after this show for a cocaine possession charge, and after serving that sentence he would return to jail in 2006 on a similar infraction. He is eligible for parole in July of this year. Genius usually comes with a fatal flaw. His flaws have been revealed through his legal troubles. Let his genius be seen through his performances. The Paris Concert is great viewing for music fans of all ages.

Gil Scott-Heron – The Paris Concert will be available June 5th.

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